Team - Rome City Institute
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Our team.

Born to Lead the Game.

At Rome City Institute, our passion is creating successful stories. Our greatest satisfaction is giving excellent young people the opportunity to enjoy an international experience unlike any other.

Stefano Radio

President & CEO

Giorgio Antongirolami

Provost & Chairman

Paolo Scoppola

Dean of Student Life & CFO

Gianluca Bottoni

Director of Admission

Antonio Cincotta

Director of Academics & Professor

Francesco Castiglione


Federico Pagliara


Filippo Corti


Giovanni Solazzi


Michele Imbimbo


Fabrizio Piccareta

Athletic Director & Men’s Soccer Coach

Angela Adamoli

Women’s & Men’s Basketball Coach

Rodrigo Ribeiro

Men’s & Women’s Volleyball Coach

Sara Ballarini

Men’s & Women’s Swimming Coach

Fabio Merignolo

Men’s & Women’s Tennis Coach

Dominò Giancarlini

Lacrosse Coach

Mauro Berardi

Track & Field Coach

Vincenzo Corso

Field Hockey Coach

Jennifer Manca

Director of Academic Affair & Student Life

Cristiana Pedulla

Director of Legal Affairs

Richard De Muro

Associate Director of Student Life & Women’s Soccer Head Coach

Daniel Arreguin

Student Life Manager

Claudio Ciferri

Director of Club Placement & Housing

Yovana Gonzalez

Director of Financial Aid

Martina Capraro

Financial Manager

Kevin Myftiu

Associate Director of Admission

Lorenzo Cocchia

Head of Recruiting

Giorgio Scarpecci

Head of Recruiting

Stefano Putignano

Admission Counselor South America

Ettore Ballestracci

Head of Marketing

Ryan McNeal

Social Media Manager

Robert Mariottini

Head of Strategic Content

Matteo Marini

Video Maker

Jenny Hjohlman

Graphic Designer

Are you ready to become a Rome City Lion? 

At Rome City we are looking for students who are willing to think outside the box and prepare themself  for a professional journey in a rapidly changing world.