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Empire Collegiate League

Where Champions are Forged and History is Made

Introducing the Empire Collegiate League: a extraordinary competition inspired by the city of Rome!
Get ready for an unforgettable experience as the Empire Collegiate League launches its highly-anticipated inaugural season. Drawing inspiration from the grandeur of Ancient Rome, our league will feature four extraordinary houses and an array of five thrilling sports. Prepare to witness fierce competition as the student athletes from Rome City Institute battle it out for everlasting glory.
In the ECL, champions will be forged and history will be made. We invite you to witness the emergence of new legends as these incredible athletes showcase their talent, determination, and unrivaled passion.
Join us on this incredible journey as we pay homage to the legacy of Rome, creating an atmosphere where honor, perseverance, and excellence reign supreme. The ECL is here!


The Legionarius embodies three fundamental values that define what it truly means to be a Legionarius: Discipline, Loyalty and Adaptability. 

DIVIDE ET IMPERA – Divide and Conquer

La partnership tra Lega Serie A e College Life Italia si sviluppa attraverso due progetti prestigioisi: Sliding Goals e Serie A Elite.

Sliding Goals rappresenta un canale preferenziale per il futuro sportivo e professionale dei giovani calciatori dei Club di  Serie A negli Stati Uniti (comunicato ufficiale)

Serie A Elite è la prima piattaforma di scouting in Nord America. Attraverso una serie di showcase organizzati in diverse città Americane, i migliori talenti locali potranno mettersi in mostra per ottenere la possibilità di volare in Italia.


The Gladiators embody three fundamental values that define what it truly means to be a gladiator: Courage Resilience and Showmanship.

USQUE AD FINEM – Until the end

Una partnership plurinnale che si basa su una serie di attività dedicate ad allenatori Americani che avranno la possibilità di sviluppare le loro skills e viviere un’esperienza indimenticabile nel cuore di Roma. (cominicato ufficiale)


The Senators embody three fundamental values that define what it truly means to be a Senator: Integrity, Duty and Virtue.  

ET FACERE ET PATI FORTIA ROMANUM EST – To be strong, one must endure hardship like a true Roman


The Kings embody three fundamental values that define what it truly means to be a King: Excellence, Leadership and Unity

SI VIS PACEM PARA BELLUM – If you want peace, prepare for war

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League Rules

There are two seasons in a calendar year. One winner of the Fall season (September – December) and one in Spring (January – May).

Men’s Soccer, Basketball & Tennis each play 6 weekly matchups before entering the playoffs. One home game, one away game, against the other houses.

Beach Volleyball & Women’s Soccer also play 6 matches before the playoffs, two versus each house, however these take place on two separate match days for each sport. One matchday contains the first 3 matches, while the second matchday contains the final 3 matches. The playoffs take place on a 3rd matchday.

During the season, each sport has their own league table. A win is worth 3 points. For soccer, a tie game ends and each team receives 1 point. For Basketball, in the event of a tie, they play an overtime where the first team to score an additional 8 points win the game, and Tennis & Volleyball play a tiebreak. During this, both teams receive 1 point, and the team that wins the overtime/tiebreak receives an extra point (2 points for the winner, 1 point for the other team). A loss in regulation time is worth 0 points.

At the end of the 6 regular matches, the team who finishes in first place receives 4 points for the combined ECL table, and the team in second receives 2 points.

The league table also dictate playoff positions. There are two rounds of playoffs, and the winner for the season of each sport are decided by a Final.

At the end of the season, each team finishes 1-4th place in their respective sport. The overall house table then is made to dictate who wins the ECL. A house receives 10 points for winning a sport. 2nd place receives 6 points. 3rd receives 4 and 4th receives 3.

Throughout the season the ‘Challengers’ have the opportunities to award their house additional points for the final table, which could very well decide the winning house at the end of the season.


Before each sport’s draft begins, a special draw takes place to determine the official order of the Draft, so the coaches and captains do not know the order until the beginning of the event.

The draft is a snake draft format, which means if theoretically the Gladiators get the first pick, followed by the Senators, then the Legionarius and then the Kings, the 2nd round will start with the Kings pick and go in the opposite order.

For Tennis, the 4 captains get to select their partner. The tennis competition is mixed doubles, so the men captains choose their female partner, and the female captains choose their men partners.

For basketball, there are 4 rounds of picks for each house, while the remaining players are assigned to a house by a randomized draw.

For each of the randomized assignment picks, these players are randomly drawn from a pot, selected by the captains. The pot is organized by positions of the athletes, to make sure the teams remain balanced in terms of respective sports. These pics also go in the snake draft order.

As the basketball competition is be co-ed, the male captains must select at least 1 female as one of their 4 picks, while the female captains can select a female with one of their 4 picks, but do not need to.

For our Beach Volleyball teams, all of Rome City’s Volleyball players are a part of this competition. The competition is 3v3, so each house has 2 picks, before they round off their team by the randomized assignment. If the captain is female, they must use one of their picks on a male player, and the other on a female, but if they are a male captain, they can chose 1 male and 1 female, or they can choose 2 females if they would like,

For women’s soccer, they have 4 rounds of picks, followed by randomized player assignments, just like Basketball.

For Men’s Soccer, the coaches and captains have 8 rounds to pick players, while our remaining players once again are assigned by a random draw.

For all of our student-athletes not involved in these sports, they too are  part of the assigned player selection.