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What make us different

Compete at club level

Take Field Hockey in Italy to the Next Level

Coaching Opportunities

What makes us different

Italy is one of the countries in which field hockey is an emerging sport. With Rome City Institute, you have the opportunity to be part of a growing movement and be a pioneer of the sport. 

All this will be offered under the guidance of professional and qualified staff within some of the best field hockey facilities in Rome. 

The goal of Rome City Institute is to develop our athletes and provide them with opportunities to compete within Italian tournaments.

Thanks to Rome City Institute, our student-athletes are provided with a professional environment and are able to compete all year long:

• Professional coaches

• 9 month-long season

• Split into Indoor and Outdoor leagues

• Play with an international environment

• Training 4 times a week

• Club Placement

Compete at Club level

Thanks to our partnership with the Italian Hockey Federation (FIH), our Field Hockey student-athletes will have the opportunity in Rome to sign with one of the ten total clubs at the men’s and women’s levels here in Italy, and participate in a national championship and the Coppa Italia.


The Coppa Italia is a knockout competition that runs parallel to the national league. In addition, all of the teams in Rome have a U21 category, which allows our student-athletes to have more opportunities to play and showcase themselves in the Italian capital. As well as open potential coaching or mentoring opportunities.



Why play Field Hockey in Italy?

Playing abroad means measuring yourself at a new Field Hockey level. We focus on the development of our student-athletes on and off the field. In Addition, Italy is an emerging field hockey country. Together with Rome City Institute, you have the chance to be part of one of the best field hockey opportunities the world has to offer. While competing in the national tournament, you will have the chance to travel the country and be part of a growing movement.


Coaching Opportunities

Your experience and skills on the field will make a massive impact on the club you will play with! 

Italian Field Hockey is developing year by year thanks to the attention to younger generations of athletes. Field Hockey in Italy has been and continues to invest on the growth and development of younger players as they see value in the investment for the future. Thanks to our Field Hockey Program, you will be a key player in this phase of the game, being a major asset in the growth of this incredible game in this incredible country!