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Our athletes are provided with a Pro environment to help compete all year long

Compete at National Level

We create tailor-made practice sessions for our athletes

Professional environment

Italy has a long-time tradition of success when it comes to Track & Field. Thanks to Rome City Institute, our student-athletes are provided with a professional environment and compete all year long in one of the most popular competitive countries in the world for Track & Field. By joining Rome City Institute, you will get: 

  • Professional coaches

  • 9 month-long season

  • Local and National Events

  • International environment

  • 5 trainings per week

  • Professional Facilities

Compete at National Level

Track & Field is one of the most popular sports in Italy and is one of the highest performing countries at the top international level of Track & Field. Historically, in the most prestigious Track & Field World and European competitions, Italy has always shown the level that is worthy of showcasing Italian excellence to the world. Rome City Institute boasts partnerships with some of the most important clubs and academies in Rome, so you have the opportunity to participate in both individual and team competitions.  

Tailor-made training sessions

Track and Field is an individual sport which is why it is important to create tailor-made practice sessions for our athletes. 

Our coaching staff follows Rome City Institute track and field players in every aspect of an athlete. This includes training sessions, strength & conditioning, as well as nutrition. Our players are monitored both on and off the track, and our professional staff will help them choose the right events to run, based on the athletes’ strengths and weaknesses, the surface, and the current mental and physical shape of the athlete. 

Rome City Training Center

Located in the center of Rome, our training center is 18 aches large, which allows our athletes to live a professional experience in every aspect. From the soccer pitch you can experience one of the most breathtaking views in the world. In May 1926, the Cardinal Pietro Gasparri consecrated this magical place


The center includes:

  • 11vs11 soccer pitch Two 5vs5 soccer pitch and one 8vs8 soccer pitch
  • Two Basketball Court
  • Training & Physio Room
  • Swimming pool
  • Padel courts
  • Cafeteria for our athletes.