The Rome City gap year program offers the unique opportunity to study and play sports at a high level in Italy by attending Rome City Institute, our professional academy. The objective of Rome City Institute is to develop our players tactically, technically, and physically and to prepare them for a higher level of sport. At the same time, our athletes attend academic courses each semester




In this course students establish an introductory base in the Italian language in the four areas of language skills: listening comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing. It will introduce features of the Italian language needed for interaction in everyday practical situations, such as café, restaurants, accommodation, and shops. The course satisfies a limited number of immediate needs necessary for survival in the target language culture. Together with the language, we will also explore aspects of Italian culture.



During the gap year, our student-athletes attend two academic courses. The courses are accredited by the Italian Ministry of Education and can be transferred to the other academic institution.

Club and College Placement

The final objective of the gap year is to provide our athletes with the right opportunities to sign with a club or to find the right college. We work with Italian clubs and with Italian and US based universities.


Professional training 6 times a week led by our professional coaches. We develop our players technically, tactically, physically and mentally. We want our athletes to reach their full potential so they can access more opportunities.


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