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Gap Year Program

A life changing experience

The Rome City gap year program offers the unique opportunity to study and play sports at a high level in Italy by attending Rome City Institute, our professional academy. The objective of Rome City Institute is to develop our players tactically, technically, and physically and to prepare them for a higher level of competition. At the same time, our athletes attend academic courses each semester

The unique opportunity to train with our professional coaching staff.

Earn College Credits while playing like a pro

Get exposure to US Colleges

Pia Beaulieu Princeton ‘26 - Rome City Gap Year Alumni ‘22

Marco Di Teodoro - Rome City Gap Year Alumni '21

Live an unforgettable experience

Train like a Pro

Our academy aims to provide the best training and athletic experience through a professional coaching staff and constant exposure to the Italian leagues and competitions. We currently offer 9 different sports with a 9-months season from September to May. Rome City athletes have the opportunity to train with some of the best coaches in Italy and showcase their talent to Italian clubs.

Earn College Credits

While training with our professional academy, and showcasing to Italian Clubs, our gap year students will also participate in two academic courses, Italian Language and Rome City coaching methodology. 

Italian Language

In this course  students establish an introductory base in the Italian language in the four areas of language skills: listening comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing. It will introduce features of the Italian language needed for interaction in everyday practical situations, such as café, restaurants, accommodation, and shops. The course satisfies a limited number of immediate needs necessary for survival in the target language culture. Together with the language, we will also explore aspects of Italian culture.

Rome City Coaching Methodology 

Our professional coaching staff have developed a new coaching methodology which approaches the game from a modern perspective. We do not only coach our athletes using our methodology, we also teach them the theory! Rome City Institute athletes attend

the methodology courses and receive the official coaching certificate at the end of each course.

  • Fusion between Italian tradition and new technology
  • Match analysis and data analytics
  • Ideal for players ready to play at club or collegiate level
  • 2 levels: official certificates released at the end of each semester

Get exposure to US University

The final objective of the gap year program is to provide our student-athletes with the right opportunities to sign with a European club or to obtain a scholarship at College level. 

Rome City’s sister company College Life Italia is the World Leader US College Sports Recruiting agency. CLI has assisted more than 1500 student-athletes to find the right University. Thanks to our solid connections with coaches, universities and governing bodies at all levels, we are able to assist our student-athletes in the best possible way by providing multiple options after the gap year.

Pia Beaulieu

Princeston '26 - Rome City Gap Year Alumni '22

“Playing abroad at Rome City was an amazing experience that helped me prepare for playing and competing at a University level”

Marco Di Teodoro

Rome City Gap Year Alumni '21


” I can say without a doubt in my mind that my experience at Rome City was one of a lifetime. The training provided by the professional coaching staff at Rome City was definitely the most elite and creative that I have ever taken part of in my playing career and truly made me feel as if I were training like a real professional every single day. These memories are truly ones that will stay with me forever. The people that I have met as well as the experiences that I have lived in Rome with Rome City are certainly some that I will never forget and I whole-heartedly both recommend and invite to whoever is looking to improve their skills on the pitch.”


Live an unforgettable experience

This program gives you the unique opportunity to live for a year in the heart of Rome, while playing at the highest level. 1 year full of experiences on and off the pitch will prepare you for the next step in your athletic and academic career. The gap year program includes the following:

  • Two classes per semester

  • Training in our professional academy

  • Tryouts and exposure to Italian clubs

  • Strength & Conditioning training

  • Regular access to the gym

  • Mental coaching

  • Clubs’ placement

  • Accommodation in the heart of Rome

  • Periodic Fitness Testing

  • Physiotherapy Service

  • Full Nike Kit

  • 24/7 Emergency Contact

  • Student Visa Assistance (for non-EU students)

  • Permit to Stay