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Our graduate programs are a great learning opportunity for those individual who want to pursue a professional career at International level. The graduate programs at Rome City Institute aim to prepare professional leaders with a hands-on curriculum.

Master's in Sports Management and Coaching

Master in Business and Administration

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Accredited by the Italian Ministry of Education

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Accredited by the Italian ministry of Education

All of our degree programs are accredited by the Italian Ministry of Education. With an accredited Italian degree, you will earn a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree that will be recognized worldwide for both entering the job industry and higher education. 

A student or professional who has earned academic or professional degrees in Italy has the right to have them recognized in the foreign country to which he or she goes for study or work. An international degree will be a plus in your future career that can guarantee you more opportunities on your path to success. 


We help you to succeed

Our academic advisors are active members of our teaching staff. The academic advisor is an essential figure for our student-athletes to support and enhance their experience at Rome City Institute.

Our academic advisors help students coordinate their busy schedules and coordinate classes and training sessions. The main purpose of our academic advisor is to provide a professional academic guide to new students and accompany them through the journey at Rome City Institute.


“Working with the students on a daily-basis gives me joy. Leading the students through the path of their success is priceless.”

Jennifer Manca – Director of Academic Affair & Student Life 


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At Rome City we are looking for students who are willing to think outside the box and prepare themself  for a professional journey in a rapidly changing world.