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Establishing a collaboration with the Rome City Institute not only broadens students’ intellectual horizons but also provides them with access to a worldwide community, fostering a global perspective.

Institutions interested in affiliating with RCI and seeking information about partnership opportunities may contact

Faculty-Led Programs

Benefits of Affiliation

Faculty-Led Programs

The Rome City Institute is excited about the opportunity to collaborate with our partners in developing short-term faculty-led programs. For more information. For more information please contact us at

Benefits of Affiliation

The Enriched Internal Italy Program offered by RCI presents an uncomplicated, non-binding affiliation agreement, demanding no further obligations from the partnering institution.

For our affiliates, RCI extends exclusive tuition rates and scholarships, ensuring accessible opportunities for students.

RCI streamlines direct billing arrangements, tailoring invoicing to the specific preferences and requirements of our affiliates, be it directly to the student or the institution.

Benefiting from specialized support, RCI ensures friendly and knowledgeable assistance for each institution through its dedicated teams of Student Services and Academic Relations staff in both Italy and the United States.