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Student Visa & Residency requirements

Healthcare & Health Insurance

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Social Activities

There are many social activities on and off campus that are organized by our Student Life department. These range from weekend and day trips around Italy and to cooking pasta and pizza in the garden at lunchtime. 

Below some of the activities that we propose every year to  our students:

  • Bike Tour of the city center of Rome with stops in the main attractions and most historical monuments
  • Wine testing experience in one of the oldest Wineries of the region (only for master students)
  • Stadio Olimpico tours 
  • Possibility to participate to the annual Social Football Summit 
  • Running the Rome Marathon 
  • Pizza and Pasta cooking experience
  • Vatican Museums tours 
  • Day trips in different locations: beach, Tivoli gardens, Castelli Romani

Visa Useful Information

Students from European Union (EU) or EFTA Countries (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland) can enter Italy with a valid passport or EU ID card and can remain in Italy without a visa for the duration of their studies.

If you’re a non-EU student, you are required to obtain a student Visa type D (Long-stay visa valid for more than 90 days) prior to entering Italy. Student visas in Italy are issued by Italian Embassies or Consulate-General offices in your country of origin. Once you are officially committed to Rome City Institute, our legal department will assist you in every step of the way in order for you to get a VISA.

Healthcare and Health Insurance

Italy has a healthy population, with one of the highest life expectancies in the world, and Italy is also known for having very good doctors and hospitals.

All non-Italian RCI students are required by Italian law to have a valid health insurance plan for the duration of their studies in Italy. Typical health plans from the US or other home countries do not cover the requirements. 

To facilitate your access to the type of insurance required, we strongly recommend students take advantage of the favorable terms and comprehensive coverage that our partner CISI (Cultural Insurance Services International) has put in place for you.  

The CISI Plan has been designed specifically for students studying overseas. Not only does the plan provide accident and sickness insurance, but it also covers mental health, medical evacuation, and repatriation as well as security evacuations should they become necessary. 
In addition to the above, the RCI student insurance plan covers users for all areas outside the United States and provides students with a worldwide, 24-hour emergency telephone assistance service. 

US residents, please note: this is NOT a replacement for your home-based comprehensive health insurance. This is a supplement that will cover you while you study in Italy – do not give up any insurance that you already have for coverage in the States.

With 24/7 emergency operators standing by, you can consult with CISI on their coverage for pre-existing conditions, emergency repatriation, specialist medical visits, prescriptions, physical therapy, mental health and more. CISI will even cover the cost to fly a parent or guardian to your current location during a health emergency.

Non-European students 
We strongly recommend that all non-European students purchase the CISI insurance policy. Other insurance coverage may also be acceptable, but students will be required to produce a certificate from the insurer detailing the conditions of the policy specific to residence in Italy. This certification must also detail any restrictions that the policy might put in place while resident in Italy. Again, depending on your country of origin and individual insurance company, the policy you arrive with may not provide adequate coverage in Italy. For your peace of mind and wellbeing, we strongly recommend purchasing the CISI health insurance plan. 

European students
While you are covered in Italy through reciprocity with your home country’s national healthcare system, depending on your country of origin this may not provide an adequate level of coverage in Italy. Given the comprehensive coverage provided, we strongly recommend that you purchase CISI insurance.  

We help you to succeed

Our academic advisors are active members of our teaching staff. The academic advisor is an essential figure for our student-athletes to support and enhance their experience at Rome City Institute.

Our academic advisors help students coordinate their busy schedules and coordinate classes and training sessions. The main purpose of our academic advisor is to provide a professional academic guide to new students and accompany them through the journey at Rome City Institute.

“Working with the students on a daily-basis gives me joy. Leading the students through the path of their success is priceless.”

Alice Genna – Director of Academic Affair  

Community is the core of our culture

Diversity & Inclusion has always been a core value at Rome City Institute since it was founded. Rome City Institute values and welcomes students from all over the world, with diverse backgrounds, ages, cultures, religions, nationalities, and ideas

Over the years, We have had the privilege of representing 50 different countries. Rome City Institute is constantly committed to building and strengthening a university-wide culture of global inclusion, diversity, belonging, equity. Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) principles and the value of inclusive environments are respected in the student body as well on our staff and faculty, fostering the culture of global inclusion.