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What make us DIFFERENT

Compete at club level

Take Lacrosse in Italy to the Next Level

International Opportunities

What makes us different

Italy is one of the countries in which lacrosse is an emerging sport. With Rome City Institute, you have the opportunity to be part of an emerging reality where you will be the trailblazer.

All this will be offered under the guidance of professional and qualified staff within some of the best lacrosse facilities in Rome. The goal of Rome City Institute is to develop our athletes and provide them with opportunities to compete within Italian tournaments.

Thanks to Rome City Institute, our student-athletes are provided with a professional environment to compete all year long:

• Professional coaches

• 9 months season

• Local and national tournaments

• International environment

• Training 4 times a week

• Italia Lacrosse Development Program

Compete at Club Level

Lacrosse is a sport on the rise in Europe and especially Italy. Our students will be placed in different clubs throughout the country where they will compete in the national competition, which allows them to test themselves with athletes that have completely varied backgrounds.

This allows them to visit and travel around Italy, but also to step into the role of player-coach and lead the team in the league but also in training, helping them improve technically and mentally. Our athletes will have the opportunity to sign with Italian Clubs and lead them technically on and off the field, carrying the values of Lacrosse to each Italian Team, resulting in a technical improvement as well as an increase in cultural awareness of the game.

Italian Lacrosse Development program

Students in our lacrosse program will take part in the Italian Lacrosse Federation events to improve the level and the awareness of the game in Italy. This will consist of running clinics, giving presentations, and coaching young athletes that are approaching the game for the first time. 

For this reason,Rome City lacrosse student-athletes will be joining different teams in the Italian national league where they will have an active role in leading them in the championship. The competition will be played in different locations throughout Italy. Each game-day will be hosted by a home team and the competition will take place in that location. 

The goal is to host game-days all around Italy to spread the game in each city. On top of competing in the Italian national league, our student-athletes are often invited by the official Italian National Team to help prepare the team for international competitions, such as the World Cup and European League. They will help the coaching staff by sharing their knowledge in the team practices. 

International Opportunities

Italy participates in these tournaments with the national team, heritage team, or a representative team. These tournaments are a great way to explore Europe and play with athletes with different backgrounds, measuring themselves against different lacrosse traditions all around Europe. While competing at the highest level, you’ll get the chance to visit some of the best capitals around Europe:

  • Lisboa Cup (Lisbon, Portugal)

  • Lacrosse Fallas Cup (Valencia, Spain)

  • Berlin Open (Berlin, Germany)

  • New Year’s Cup (Budapest, Hungary)

  • World Lacrosse Limerick Festival (Limerick, Ireland)