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Compete at National Level

Personalized trainings

Professional Academy

Italy is one of the top tennis countries in the world. With Rome City Institute, you have the opportunity to be part of one of the best tennis realities the world has ever seen, which has made tactics and technique its signature. 

All this will be offered under the guidance of professional and qualified staff within some of the best tennis facilities in Rome. The goal of Rome City Institute is to develop our athletes and provide them with opportunities to compete within Italian tournaments.

Thanks to Rome City Institute, our student-athletes are provided with a professional environment to help compete all year long:

  • Professional coaches
  • 9 months season
  • Local and national tournaments
  • FIT ranking
  • Professional facilities
  • International environment
  • Training 5 times a week

Compete at National Level

Competition is what makes athletes strive for success and Italy is among the top countries to compete in professional tournaments throughout the world. 

Our tennis players receive an official Italian ranking (FIT ranking). Once their ranking is attained, they can sign up for national tournaments at any time during the academic year. Such tournaments are offered by the Italian Tennis Federation (FIT) and by the International Tennis Federation (ITF). 

The Italian tennis system is an open system that allows you to challenge athletes of any ranks. The system is merit-based, based on your rank and UTR. Tournament by tournament, win by win, you can increase your ranking and continue to aim for success. 

Personalized trainings

Tennis is an individual sport which is why it is important to create tailor-made practice sessions for our athletes. 

Our coaching staff follows Rome City tennis players in every athletic aspect, which culminates in training, strength & conditioning, and nutrition. It is very important for our coaches to focus on conditioning and on the tournament selection. 

Our players are monitored both on and off the court, and our professional staff will assist the athletes in choosing the right tournaments to enter, according to the athletes’ strengths and weaknesses. Other aspects taken into consideration are the surface, the current mental and physical shape of said athlete, and the quality of the tournament. 

Rome City Tennis Club

Our tennis clubhouse is located close to the Mura Vaticane, surrounded by pine trees and basilicas, with a panoramic view directly over the dome of St. Peter’s. With four clay courts and one greeset court, the central location makes it easy to reach us from all parts of the city. We have indoor parking and a small functional gym.