Volleyball - Rome City Institute
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Our student-athletes are provided with a professional environment and compete all year long

Compete at Club Level

Learn from the best

4 World Cup

8 World League

4 European Leagues

1 Mediterranean Games

1 Super Six FIVP

Professional Academy

Thanks to Rome City Institute, our student-athletes are provided with a professional environment to train like a pro and showcase their talent to clubs all year long. 

  • Professional coaches

  • 9 month-long season

  • Club competition

  • Exposure to Italian clubs

  • Professional facilities

  • International environment

  • 5 practices per week

Club Placement

To ensure a full experience of playing opportunities, our scouts will use their connections with all the volleyball clubs here in Rome. Our job is to match your talent with the right club so you can play and experience Italian volleyball competition at the highest level. 

Your profile will be promoted within our network before your arrival in Rome so you can start playing immediately! 

Therefore, our student-athletes will attend training in the morning with our professional academy, while in the afternoon and evenings they will have the chance to train with a local club. The season for the Italian clubs begins at the end of August and it continues through the beginning of May. Official games are played once a week, either on Saturday or Sunday.

Italian Excellence

Playing abroad means learning a new dimension of the game and adapting to a different style. Volleyball is one of the most popular sports in Italy, it remains one of its trademark sports. 

Italian excellence refers to the golden generation of the 1990s, which dominated Europe and the world. The current Italian generation has just won a World Cup and a European Championship. 

On top of this, Italy has been focused on the development of young talent in recent years. This was highlighted in the summer of 2022 where both male and females from the age groups of U22 to U17 won 8 gold medals in the European championships and two gold medals at the EYOF.