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High School Program

A life changing experience

Rome City Institute, in partnership with US Performance Academy (USPA), offers a tailor-made solution for those student-athletes wanting to continue their education and athletic career overseas. Thanks to a flexible approach and the online platform provided by USPA, Rome City Institute is the perfect fit for student-athletes whose desire is to train and compete at a high level in Italy, without compromising their education.

Train like a pro

Club and College Placement

NCAA Approved High School

Live an unforgettable experience

Train like a Pro

Our academy aims to provide the best training and athletic experience through a professional coaching staff and constant exposure to the Italian leagues and competitions. We currently offer 9 different sports with a 9-months season from September to May. Rome City athletes have the opportunity to train with some of the best coaches in Italy and showcase their talent to Italian clubs.

Club and College Placement

One of the objectives of our High School program is to provide our athletes with the right opportunities to sign with a club, and embrace the Italian culture for sports. Our connections with clubs and coaches in the area will allow us to provide our athletes with multiple options. 

In addition, our connections with Italian and US based universities will allow us to create opportunities even after our student-athletes have completed the high school program. 

Rome City Institute places about 300 student-athletes every year in 200 different colleges in the United States. Thanks to our solid connections with coaches, universities and governing bodies at all levels, we are able to assist our student-athletes in the best possible way by providing multiple options after the gap year. 

Fully accredited, NCAA approved, online high school for student athletes

USPA is designed for young athletes looking for a school that supports their unique schedule, creates a pathway towards their personal, professional, and athletic goals, and leverages the latest technology for an on-the-go environment. While most of our students are athletes, we are a performance academy and want to support all areas of performance: this includes art, music, acting, or other areas of interest.

Live an unforgettable experience

By joining the Rome City high school program, you will have the opportunity to be part of our professional academy while living in the heart of Rome. The program includes: 


  • Training 5 times a week (Monday through Friday)
  • UEFA licensed coaches
  • Strength & Conditioning 
  • Gym sessions
  • GK Training
  • Fun and cultural activities
  • Accommodations – in the heart of Rome and within walking distance to the training facility 
  • Full training gear kit provided by Rome City
  • Video footage of training sessions and games. 
  • Individual player evaluation and report provided by our professional coaches