Our mission is to “Educate the Next Generation of Sports Leaders” and the only way to do that is by providing higher learning opportunities. We rely on a superb faculty staff who share the same passion of educating future sports leaders. It is not just about theory; we believe in the Experience!


Understand the fundamentals and the theory behind things. Learning is the first step towards a successful career and our professors are here to provide you with the best education.

Get involved

Once you know the theory, it is time to explore and to put the concepts into practice. Getting involved in real projects is what makes you grow as a person and as a professional.


Being open minded and having multiple perspectives are some of the most important qualities someone can have. Take advantage of this experience to see things from a different perspective.


At Rome City Institute, you learn from a world-class faculty who is committed to providing our students with the knowledge and support they need to fully reach their academic potential.

Through their guidance and expertise, our students can make important connections in the sports industry which are a fundamental aspect in today’s world. One of the main goals of Rome City Institute is to provide our students with a strong network that can create important professional opportunities.