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Our student-athletes are provided with a professional environment and compete all year long

Compete at national level

Siver Olympic Medal in Rio 2016

3 European Championships

7 Gold Medals in the FIVP World Tour

12 Silver Medals in the FIVP World Tour

11 Bronze Medals in the FIVP World Tour



Professional Environment

Thanks to Rome City Institute, our student-athletes are provided with a professional environment to help them compete all year long. In Italy, the season is a 9 month-long season, with the possibility to personalize your schedule. 


Local and National Tournaments, together with International training and competitive environment, make the experience unique under all perspectives. Together with Rome City, you will be training 4 times per week plus gym sessions. Also, you will receive a gym membership to access it whenever you want in your free time.

Competition and tournaments

In professional Beach Volleyball, you are often required to plan and decide your schedule and competition days. For this reason we will leave that up to you, your teammates, and your coaches, to manage.

You will be able to compete in two different formats, the Level 1 tournaments and the AIBVC Club Series. 

In the Level 1 tournaments you will have the chance to play national tournaments all throughout Italy. Not only is the competition experience at these tournaments worthwhile, you will compete to win prize money with your partner.

While competing in the AIBVC Club Series, each team will be formed by 4-6 people that will compete against other Beach Volleyball schools in Italy, paired in pools. This Series is going to consist of 5 competition days scattered through the months of November until April. The series will end with the Final National Championship tournament in May.

Tournaments are scheduled all year around which means there are always tournaments to play!

Italian Beach Volley

Playing internationally also means adapting to a different style of play, and a different approach to the game. The culture of Italian Beach volleyball has grown exponentially in their game and popularity over the years, especially after the Silver Medal that Nicolai-Lupo won in the 2016 Rio Olympics. 

Several teams representing the Italian National Team at FIVB and international tournaments proved more than capable of competing at the highest level, winning multiple medals around the world. Additionally, the youth national team has also kept up with the growth by winning two Silver Medals at the U21 world championships in the last four years. They also won an additional silver medal at the EYOF, and multiple medals at underage European Championship competitions.

Our home

Our facility located in the heart of Rome is an amazing place to improve your beach volleyball skills. You have the option to train outdoors or indoors, when the weather allows it.

In addition we will utilize Ostia Beach, which is the closest beach to Rome and located close to Rome City’s base. Ostia provides an option to practice there at times, to fully immerse ourselves into the Beach Volley atmosphere. This will help replicate the environment that Carambula, and other international pro beach volleyball athletes train and prepare for their international season.