Do you want to be the next to compete in Italy?

Lega Serie A, in partnership with Rome City Institute, brings together talented North American players to compete in Italy, under the eye of the top professional Italian league.

Through a series of regional ID selections, attending players will have the chance to be selected by the Lega Serie A. The most talented players will be invited in Italy to tryout with professional youth clubs with the hope of earning a spot in their rosters.

Each individual player attending the regional selections will be evaluated by our scouts and presented with opportunities to play in Italy.

This is the first step for you to start your professional ambition.

Register now and do not miss your chance to be the next American Player in Italy! 



Regional selections

Players will be evaluated by professional scouts from the Serie A and the Rome City Institute through a 2-day showcase in several location across North America. On field sessions will consist of physical tests, drills and exhibition games.


Individual evaluation

Each player will receive an individual evaluation performed by our scouts. Selected players will advance to step 3, while the other players will be presented with opportunities to continue their soccer career in Italy with Rome City Institute.


The Italian Dream

Players selected for the final stage of the Serie A Elite will have the amazing opportunity to travel to Italy and train with professional youth clubs. This will be your chance to experience professional soccer and achieve your dream.




Years Old

Men Players

$275 per player

Price does not include transportation



5:00 pm: Check-In

5:45 pm: Start of Training Session

6:00 pm: Athletic Tests

6:45 pm: Field Session

8:15 pm: End of Training Session


8:00 am: Check-in

8:30 am: Start of Training Session

11:00 am: End of Training Session

11:15 am: Presentation

12:00 pm: End of Event


Seria A Elite Game Kit

Game Recording

Scholarship evaluations for
Rome City Institute programs

Seria A and Rome City Institute
group presentation

MVP award provided by Lega Serie A

Individual evaluation performed by our professional coaches

Total: 0 $

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The Serie A Elite was thought for boys age 14 to 18.

The staff of the Serie A Elite are professionals who work with Serie A in Italy and the US. There will be coaches and representatives of the Rome City Institute as well

To select the best North American talents that could compete in Italy under the eye of the Serie A clubs. 

Yes, Serie A Elite is the first official event in the US created by Serie A in partnership with Rome City Institute to scout new talents and increase the flow of American players to Italy.

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Rome City Institute is the official partner of Serie A in the US. It’s one of the top Institutions in Europe in terms of combining professional soccer and education. Rome City Institute offers the opportunity to play at a high level in Europe while getting an International Education.

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Anyone who plays competitive soccer throughout the year can participate in the event.

Cleats, shin guards and snacks. The kit will be provided by the Serie A once you check in at the camp.

The Serie A Elite coaching staff will pick the best players from each Camp. There is no guaranteed number of selections from each location, it is all based on individual talent and performance.

Once all the regional camps are completed, the coaching staff will communicate who are the players selected for the “Italian Dream”

Accommodation is not included, but we will provide information about hotels and transportation that might be the best option for the players and their families.

We do not offer a refund option for this event, unless you have proof of a medical reason why you cannot attend the event. However, the fee you paid can be credited towards a later camp so that you don’t miss out on the opportunity.

Players and parents will be asked to sign a release statement that agrees to hold Serie A Elite staff harmless and to waive the right to bring legal action against Serie A and Rome City Institute for any injuries sustained during the course of this event. Players are encouraged to carry their own medical insurance.

All the players will receive an evaluation from the Serie A Elite coaching staff. This evaluation will be also forwarded to the Rome City Institute staff so that they can select  players and formulate an official offer (including scholarships) to study and play soccer at a high level in Italy. Here are some info about the programs that Rome City Institute has to offer.

Rome City Institute sends 500+ Italian student-athletes to the US every year to compete at a collegiate level. They are currently in 300 different colleges in the US, competing at the highest level. This connection to the US is one of the reasons why the Serie A decided to partner with Rome City Institute for the Serie A Elite.