Italy is a country where tennis has been booming in the past ten years and where excellence exist on and off the court. Our student-athletes have the opportunity to train and play tennis at a high level in Rome. This is possible thanks to our partnership with one of the top Italian tennis academies: Empire Sports Academy. You will be trained by some of the top-coaches Italy has to offer.


Tennis is an individual sport and that is why it is important to create tailor-made practice sessions for our athletes. Our tennis player are guided by our coaches from any aspect: mental, physical, and technical.


Competition is what makes athletes strive for success. Our tennis players can sign up for national tournaments at any time during the academic year. Such tournaments are offered by the Italian Tennis Federation (FIT) and are valid for ranking.


Our tennis athletes have access to a professional coaching staff who support them throughout the year. Our objective is to help them grow and become better tennis players. Each athlete is supervised by our our coaching staff.


First the man, then the player. It is not the tennis player who takes the court, but the person. Empire Tennis Academy starts with this assumption to support a 360-degree growth of the budding professional. The player is always the core of the project, because to reach a goal you have to improve, day after day, every aspect of yourself: technical, tactical, physical, mental and above all human. Empire Tennis Academy takes care of both sports and human growth of professionals or aspirants: this is how the dream comes true. Our watchwords are substance and work. Because tennis players are made, not born.